Just A Quickie

Just a quick post to say that I am, indeed, alive and kicking. Although I’m trying to at least not kick anyone too important.

The first couple of days here have been orientations – basically lots of talks by people about things that should mainly be common sense, but that maybe we all needed to hear. Highlights of orientations have included a policeman telling us we shouldn’t be intimidated by the NYPD while clearly wearing a gun, and a ‘dictionary’ in the back of our handbook, which has included such gems as the ones in the picture.

There you go, folks. That mysterious ‘math’ Americans go on about? It’s maths! Don’t we feel stupid?

I’m being glib, but it made me laugh. Anyway, I’m safe and well, and bumming free wifi wherever possible until I move in to my flat and get actual regular internet.

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