My Kingdom For Some Vegetables

I’m still alive in New York. Although at this point it’s worth mentioning that I’m basically in the danger zone for scurvy and obesity. The food here is insane. It’s quite an achievement really, to be able to create platefuls that size and at no point include anything green. Still, I’m not really complaining. The only people who will are the ones who have to look at me in a few months if this carries on. I’m therefore very excited that we move into our flats on Sunday and I can resume normal activiies like running, and eating an occasional apple. Aah. It’s the simple things.

On the last night before work we went out to get mexican food (my third in as many meals, just FYI) and it was great. A nice man made guacamole at our table – which was both lovely and guilt inducing, since I’ve now seen how quick and easy it is and I still have no intention of doing it for myself – and then we ate said guacamole alongside many other nice things which, as mentioned, did not include those newfangled veggie things. Those who did not have work in the morning drank margaritas, and a good time was had by all.

Me? I had to get up at 5am the next day to meet the girl I’m replacing at work. It was a very overwhelming day (not helped by the fact that I didn’t properly wake up until lunchtime), but I got through it and I think (hope) I’m slowly getting better.

I’m going to try not to make this too work-orientated, on account of the fact that the company-that-must-not-be-named had me sign a very long non-disclosure agreement, alongside my ‘welcome to our company’ fingerprinting, drug test, and FBI clearance checks. However, suffice it to say that even though it’s hard, I have a pet fish, and a laugh, and those are not bad things.

Every day I’ve been walking up and down fifth avenue, past the Empire State building, and thinking ‘fuck me sideways, I can’t believe I live here’. Unless my parents are reading this, in which case I think nothing except the most polite and ladylike things.

I still have no internet of any proper kind so I’m using an app on my phone for this. The pictures below include the feted guacamole, my new local landmark, my new ‘home’ station (Grand Central) and my beautiful, sunrise-y train journey.

Pics to follow, but the freebie wifi can’t handle it.

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