Visual Overload

So, my threat of adding loads of pictures to my last post was hampered by the free wifi wherever I was at the time being unable to cope. So guess what? This post is going to take ages to load up and probably not be that interesting. But I think I can live with myself.

This is the man who nicely made us guacamole:

This is the end result of the guacamole-making:
This is a fairly average portion of Mexican food. Mexican food being just about the only thing we’ve eaten since we got here. There is a prize for spotting a decent portion of veggies in there. The teeny salad doesn’t count. There is a prize because I know I won’t have to put my money where my (scurvy-ridden) mouth is:
Just something I casually saw on the walk home from the Mexican. Because it was a block away from the hotel:

What I see on my train journey to the-company-that-must-not-be-named:

Grand Central. I get the train from here every day. That makes me super cool:
A midnight escapade to Times Square:
Americans do not have my name, so I’m half tempted to document the interesting spellings:
Yesterday (Saturday) we went to the St. Patty’s day parade. These very cold people were waiting to begin:
While they do have bagpipe players in Ireland, these ones were very definitely playing the Highland fling:

I know I’m old because it had started to snow at this point, and I was quite worried about these girls because they were clearly going to get cold kidneys:

This was my brief moment of being in the parade, because it was snowing and we were cold, and we were crossing to find a diner:
Everyone was wearing insane outfits. This dog was spiffy and I love him.

My giant inner 30 Rock nerd was very excited to see this. And by ‘giant’ and ‘inner’, I mean ‘giant’ and ‘way too loud and willing to tell everybody’:

This is a picture. I dunno. I was in ‘tourist’ mode:

Ellen’s Stardust Diner was amazing. It’s staffed by aspiring Broadway stars who stand on the tables and sing. I got a little bit serenaded by our waiter, who sang part of ‘Ain’t no mountain high enough’ into my burger-filled face, and as embarrassed as I was, he was easily the best white guy ever to sing a Marvin Gaye song:

Everyone is going to hate ‘tourist mode’ Nicola. ‘Tourist mode’ Nicola doesn’t worry about such things:
They even dressed the Empire State building up for St. Patty’s day:
I moved into my apartment today, but that’s a whole other post because we’re waiting for dinner to arrive, and right now that feels much more important. I apologise for the amount of boring pictures but, well, I really secretly don’t.

One thought on “Visual Overload

  1. Don't worry, some of us Americans have rebelled against our upbringings and (are trying to) eat more greens than grease. Admittedly: that guacamole looks GOOD right now because I just got back from the gym.

    I love the “tourist” Nicola photos. I will be “tourist” Caitlin next weekend, when I am visiting Jess and hope to see you, if you are not too busy with the aforementioned company-that-shall-not-be-named (Voldemort?). Are you coming for Passover? xo Cait

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