Victory, Heat and Maragaritas

This weekend I had another pact with another friend (named… I dunno, Fallulah. We may as well pick a rhyme scheme and stick with it). This time it was a hardcore queue-to-the-death ticket lottery pact to see Newsies. And again, we got in on our second go. It wasn’t quite the same kind of epic victory as last time, but then I’m hugely biased by the fact that this time it wasn’t me that won. Do I kind of win by default because I’m friends with Fallulah? Well, sure. But it’s not the same.

Newsies is a Disney outing which is selling out, like, a lot, and will therefore no doubt end up on stage in London too. Probably before I even get home at this rate. Everyone loves a story about orphaned children winning at life after all. Not to mention musicals where 30-year-olds play 17-year-olds and everyone pretends it isn’t weird.

But either way. The show was great. It’s the kind of unashamedly showy show that New York does so well. The only issue the US audience creates is related to their over-enthusiasm (or maybe their normal level of enthusiasm compared to my British reserve. Who’s to say?). They just do not. Stop. Clapping.

Nine times out of ten, an actor finishes a song, stands in their final position – whatever that may be – and holds for applause. The applause then turns out to be endless, so the actor stays there, which in turn encourages the applause and… Oh god. It’s awkward.

And while we’re straying aimlessly into the subject, I firmly believe that, when people buy theatre tickets, they should have to take part in a personality profiling exercise. If they show inclinations towards being a standing-ovation-ophile, they should immediately be sat in the back. Don’t let them make me have to stand up too. Some of us get incredibly numb bums in theatre seats and consistently end up looking like Bambi learning to walk – only, minus any and all adorability.

Anyway. The rest of the day passed in a haze of sunshine, ridiculous humidity, cookies for lunch, and a cocky attempt at a second ticket lottery to achieved the hallowed and much-mythologised Two-Show Day. Didn’t happen. We opted instead for an al-fresco burger and beer in Hoboken. It’s evenings like that which make this place feel exactly like a holiday resort.

Although it has to be said that in holiday resorts I generally wake up with fewer insect bites. Having made the ill-advised decision to sleep with the window open when I live pretty much directly on the banks of the Hudson river, I woke up with fifteen. That’s a world record. The world record for ‘most bites on a Nicola’, anyway.

I had always planned to keep Sunday quiet on account of the fact that I have a crazy few weekends coming up. In the next month I have trips planned to Niagara falls, Boston and Chicago. So a day spent mooching around doing nothing was exactly what the doctor ordered. And having a good-sized smattering of insect bites to scratch all day just made it even more satisfying. I don’t care what you say. Everyone enjoys that.

So I really made it my mission to not do a lot. I mooched along the river into Hoboken – a fifteen minute walk, during which time I managed to get sunburnt as it is currently that hot, and I am really that white. The humidity was about 100%, too. I haven’t officially confirmed that with any weather-reporting body, but I’d definitely guess maybe 100-110%. It’s insane, and I am not built to deal with this weather. I can handle overcast-ness and and light drizzle, and that’s about all. I did an eight-mile run, as I am painfully aware that I have to do another half marathon in a few weeks, and I’m fairly certain my body was sweating actual tears.

To make up for that ordeal I took it to Chili’s, which is a restaurant I’d always dismissed in the past because it was too far away. and by ‘too far away’, I mean ‘more than seven minutes away’. It was maybe even ten whole minutes away. But like I say, it’s hot and life is difficult. However, this place sells frozen margaritas by the pint (which I’d never had before I got to the US but it appears to be some kind of adult slush puppy) so I firmly believe it is going to be a medical necessity to visit a lot over the next few months.

In which case, long may this weather continue! I’m sorted.

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