Bad Blogger

I know. I know. We’ve all said it before, we’ll probably say it again, and we’re definitely saying it now. Bad blogger.

And for once, I’m not even trying to fix it. You know what? I’ve been very busy. This might be the first year on record where I don’t even feel a little bit like I’ve wasted my summer. Regularly scheduled programming will resume in a few weeks once it starts to get cold, but for now there is extremely limited exposure to screens of any kind and I’m out and about and having fun.

Most recently I’ve been to Philadelphia and a Justin Timberlake/Jay Z show, Chicago, running more half marathons, and a very fancy dinner. I’ve also been taking a TV writing class, which is something I’ve always been in to, and has definitely shuffled my writing priorities around somewhat.

But that’ll be over soon, the nights will be drawing in, and I’ll be moving to a shiny new flat that does not violate any kind of health code. And I will be back. And, in the meantime, please rest assured that I am very happy and very not dead.

(I also have another blog that I update religiously, if people are interested. It’s, and my goodness won’t you regret it?)

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