I bought a swede

I have established that I have a problem. I buy things. My room in London was full of things, and while my flat in Falmouth isn’t full of things, it is certainly well-populated. If it weren’t for the fact that all the things are still in boxes, you could definitely walk through the front door and assume I’d been there for years rather than a week.

So, task number one in Cornwall has been to stop acquiring so much stuff. At this point, it hasn’t been going great, but that is because I’ve had to buy a lot of very necessary things like toilet brushes, and rubber gloves, and wine.

And today I bought a swede.

There is a chance I’m transferring my constant stuff buying into food buying, which sounds good as long as I keep buying vegetables, but even then we have to acknowledge it’s not great. A few facts are pertinent here:

  1. I have eaten swede a sum total of once in my life. It was during a brief foray into school dinners while in infant school, and I was less than impressed.
  2. I mainly bought it because it had an orange ‘reduced’ sticker on it.
  3. Even as I was putting it in my basket (I only went in to buy eggs and I ended up with a basket because this is what happens when I am left to my own devices) I said to myself “I don’t really like swede, but it’ll be fine”.
  4. When looking at the offending swede again just now, I realised that it had been reduced to 49p from 79p, meaning I did not save that much money.

At the moment I’m too scared to Google ‘swede recipes’, because I fear it’ll push my search history into even weirder territory than it’s been in for a while. Also, I’m willing to bet that it’s going to come up with a bunch of ‘winter warmer comfort food’ type fare, and quite frankly the weather here has been nothing but glorious and I wake up every day seeing palm trees. I’m not willing to give in to the fact that it’s not quite summer yet, but I’m also buying gigantic sell-by root vegetables. I need to get into a routine and quickly.

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