Things I have been way too excited about recently

It has been a very exciting time for me lately. Here are some reasons why:

I saw a slow worm

It was slithering down the road near Truro station like that’s a normal thing for a slow worm to be doing. I thought it was a giant actual worm and was scared, and then realised it was a slow worm and I lost. My. Shit. But, like, in a good, ‘I have always wondered what they look like in real life’ kind of way.

I got a reduced bottle of wine in Tesco

Somebody had peeled the label off the front so it was reduced from £7 (more than I would ever spend on wine for myself) to £3.50. To top that special moment off I didn’t even get IDed, which is a Cornwall first. It’s also a very good thing, because I’m still waiting for my new driving license to come through. Am I waiting for that because I forgot to sign the change of address form and had the whole thing returned to me with a typewritten letter to tell me off? I couldn’t possibly say.

Clive the sourdough starter came back from the brink

He was doing OK, and then I put him in the fridge because I was worried about how much he was eating and then he had a lot of health issues (hypothermia?), but now he’s back to his old, bubbly self. I’ve even made some not-terrible bread with him. As long as you don’t mid gigantic air bubbles which prevent you doing anything with half of every loaf.

I had a £4.50 gin and tonic

It was after work on a lovely, sunny day. We sat on a terrace and overlooked the beach. And it wasn’t a fake beach like the ones in London which are full of hipsters in the day and peeing foxes at night. It was the real beach, with a view of the real sea. Plus it was a two minute walk back home instead of a two hour trek. And, I mean, £4.50. At this point you can’t buy anything in London for that, let alone anything good.

The office cat cuddled me

In fact, he fell asleep on my lap for at least an hour. And yes, he also spent another hour sticking his head between my boobs, but he paid attention to me and that’s all that really matters.

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