Come at me, politics.

I’m really into the election this year. I mean, ask me again on Friday if things don’t go the way I’d like them to go, and maybe I’ll be saying something different, but for now I’m loving it. It’s not that I haven’t taken an interest in the past, because I always like to go to the polling station and do my cross in whatever box. It makes me feel important. It’s just that in my old constituency my vote was never quite as important as the votes of all of the well-off old people who made damn sure we were a Conservative safe seat and would be until the end of time.

In actual numbers (because I work with data now, so I know stuff), my old vote used to be worth 0.034 votes. The majority of people in the UK had nearly ten times as much power as me. Out of all 650 constituencies in the pleasingly-titled Voter Power Index, mine ranked 615th.

Now that I live in Falmouth my vote is worth 0.902 votes (the maximum is 1. Unless something exceptionally dodgy is going on.), and I have nearly three times as much power as the UK average. We rank 30th out of 650 constituencies. Theresa May keeps showing up on our doorstep pretending to meet people while actively avoiding talking to anybody or saying anything.

I haven’t even 100% made up my mind what I’m going to do with my supercharged vote yet. I mean, I know who I’m certainly not voting for (Sorry, Theresa) but I suddenly have lots of options. I could vote for the person I want to vote for. I could go tactical. The democratic world is suddenly my delicious Cornish oyster.

What I’m basically saying is that I’m drunk with power. I think I probably feel like people keep saying they feel after they see Wonder Woman, and I haven’t even done that yet. COME AT ME, POLITICS.

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