Fake space and real space are great

A fun fact about my former suburban stomping ground that people never believe is that there’s no cinema. In an exciting turn of events that’s actually due to change in 2018 with the introduction of a Cineworld, which was something I started looking forward to in 2015 and continued to look forward to until the day I left.

I tell you this because it means the cinema has always been something of a novelty for me. I mean, there was one a drive away, and obviously more than strictly necessary in Central London. But the cinema wasn’t just an off-the-cuff thing. At the very least I needed to secure one of about three car owners I knew to go with me, or spend a fairly long time trying to marry up screening times with Citymapper instructions.

In Cornwall I can walk to the cinema, and I have yet to get over the novelty.

This week that meant that I could go to a midnight showing of The Last Jedi on the day it came out. I bought tickets on a whim one lunch break at work, and then forgot about it for six weeks, because mid-December was so far away it felt like more of an abstract concept than something that would actually happen. It was a lovely surprise when I remembered, though. I bought a can of Red Bull to get me through work the next day, which I didn’t end up drinking because I am a machine. Then I went for a little stroll to the cinema.

I love a good geeky event. Having spent most of my late teens taking in as many London Film & Comic Cons and Collectormanias as humanly possible, I’m still well up for being in a room full of people in disproportionate love with a film who are preferably wearing fancy dress. And without giving too much away it was brilliant. And I didn’t have to spend the entire time with my brain whirring away, trying to work out how I was going to get home afterwards. I could take it all in and enjoy it.

The other thing that bears mentioning about Cornwall is that it’s dark here. As in, actually dark. The sky is black rather than vaguely orange-tinted, and there are at least twice as many stars as I used to see around London. The walk (did I mention I get to walk now? I don’t know if I did) home from the film at 2:30am happened to coincide with the peak of the Geminids meteor shower.

Famously, I lost my shit a few months ago over a single shooting star, so I feel like we all know how the walk home went. My initial disappointment at seeing clouds in the sky broke up as fast as they did. Stars started to move. I made some very loud ‘ooh’ noises, completely ignoring the fact that people in pretty, probably-not-double-glazed houses were trying to sleep. Then I staggered home like a drunk person because I was looking up at the sky the entire way. Which was fine, because I only nearly died twice.

I guess I’m just here to say that sometimes being in a place that shouldn’t be very convenient is actually way more convenient than the old “convenient” place would ever manage to be. Also, fake space and real space are both great, aren’t they?

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