Dear Cornwall: Oh hell snow

any time my feet don’t feel completely stable on the ground I freeze up and lose the ability to walk like a human being, which makes falling over almost inevitable (see also: paddlebarding, roller derby). Whichever way you slice it, I my dignity ends up getting bruised. Much like my bum.

So I am, frankly, dismayed to find that we’re going to be spending this weekend under a weather warning for snow and ice and all of the horrible things that come with that. If I wanted to have to deal with that I would have stayed up-country. But I say things like ‘up-country’ now, so we all know they’re never going to have me back.… Read More Dear Cornwall: Oh hell snow

Is Online Learning The Future?

Online classes are nothing new. However, entrepreneurs are starting to take advantage of the continued popularity of online learning to create platforms which allow students and teachers to connect through interactive video chat. It also goes deeper than that – alongside their primary aim of connecting teachers with students, they can offer comprehensive packages including… Read More Is Online Learning The Future?

Pretentious Hipster Places I’ve Been #1: Please Don’t Tell

Hello, and welcome to my new series, entitled ‘Pretentious Hipster Places I’ve been’. It’s fairly self explanatory. So, without further adieu… Sometimes, you just really want a drink. But you know when you really want, like, an overpriced drink you have to book a table for days in advance? One where you can’t just go… Read More Pretentious Hipster Places I’ve Been #1: Please Don’t Tell